In the NBA, Victor Wembanyama confirms expectations and impresses

Rédigé le 02/04/2024
Bellamy Jake

Victor Wembanyama, the young French basketball player, was the first choice of the last NBA draft, selected by the San Antonio Spurs. His first season in the American league was remarkable on an individual level, although his team's results left much to be desired. Although some had hoped to see him take part in the prestigious All-Star Game, he was eventually invited to the Rising Stars Challenge, an event bringing together the NBA's rising stars.

His inclusion among the top 24 players in his very first season is a rare feat achieved by only 11 players in the last 40 years, and a testament to his exceptional talent.  Only 11 players have achieved this in the last 40 years, including Michael Jordan (1985), Patrick Ewing (1986), David Robinson (1990), Shaquille O'Neal (1993) and Tim Duncan (1998). But neither LeBron James nor Kobe Bryant - two of the greatest players in history - were selected as rookies.

Despite not being selected for the All Star Game, Victor remains focused on improving his team rather than his individual performances. "Of course, being selected for the 'All Star Game' would have been a great achievement, especially in my first season [in the NBA]. But honestly, my main objective remains to try and win games and improve with my team," relativized the 20-year-old French phenomenon in a press conference, preferring to talk about the collective rather than his individual performances

On the court, Victor's statistics are impressive: an average of 20.5 points, 10 rebounds, 3.2 assists and 3.2 blocks per game. He is already recognized as the best scorer, rebounder and counter among NBA rookies. His prowess includes two triple-doubles, one with an exceptional 10 blocks, a first for a rookie in 34 years.

NBA stars are full of praise for him. "He's going to change the game, that's 100% for sure. He's already on his way, so enjoy it and watch the show," Nikola Jokic, voted "Most Valuable Player" last season and NBA champion 2023 with the Denver Nuggets, told reporters after taking on Victor Wembanyama. Observers and former players like Jacques Monclar agree that Victor Wembanyama is destined to change the game.  Les observateurs et anciens joueurs comme Jacques Monclar s'accordent à dire que Victor Wembanyama est destiné à changer le jeu.

Despite his impressive individual performances, the results of his team, the San Antonio Spurs, have fallen short of expectations, currently ranking last in the Western Conference. However, this difficult season on a collective level has not dampened the enthusiasm and hopes placed in Victor. His development and adaptation to the NBA are being closely watched by fans and experts alike, who are well aware of his immense potential.

Beyond his individual performance, the editorial team salutes the career of this young French prodigy. His success illustrates not only his exceptional talent, but also the hard work and determination required to shine in one of the world's most competitive basketball leagues.

Here's hoping that Victor Wembanyama's success paves the way for other young French talents and that, perhaps one day, a young sportsman from Saint-Martin can be celebrated with equal enthusiasm and pride.