Social Service in Saint Martin

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The Saint Martin Communal Social Action Center is a facility that provides support, information, and assistance to individuals facing family, financial, or health-related challenges. The Saint Martin Social Service (97150) can establish a domicile (or address for legal purposes) for individuals without a stable or fixed residence. They offer information and support in processing various requests for social assistance, helping you assert your rights.

This service is intended for individuals facing difficulties and is responsible for carrying out tasks related to both legal social action and optional social action, as decided by the Administrative Council of the CCAS. In order to address the urgent needs of people in difficult situations, the CCAS provides assistance after reviewing social investigations conducted by the social workers of the Departmental Council.

Missions of the Saint-Martin Social Action Service

Your contact at the Solidarity Center is fully aware of the territory's inclusion policy. They can advise you on the assistance you may be eligible for and guide you through essential procedures, whether you are looking for social housing, personal assistance, or emergency social credit. Don't hesitate to take the first step!

Your Overseas French Social Service Your Communal Social Action Center carries out a general action in the municipality, focusing on social prevention and development, in close collaboration with public and private institutions. It can provide both reimbursable and non-reimbursable services.

Additionally, it processes inquiries regarding individuals who have legal obligations to provide for older family members (ascendants or descendants) over 60 years of age, residing in institutions, foster families, or protected home settings, whose social assistance applications are handled by the city or a neighboring municipality.

For these purposes, the Communal Social Action Center has its own independent budget, dedicated staff, as well as materials and resources to serve you under the best possible conditions.

Social Support and Social Housing Search Emergency

Food assistance helps you meet a temporary food need. Your request must be submitted through a social worker using the single liaison form. Following the assessment, aid is granted within 48 hours if the eligibility conditions are met. The Solidarity Center collaborates with specialized associations to provide assistance to people in significant distress. In this context, it offers temporary or long-term accommodation, food, and care solutions to prevent people from sleeping on the streets in the municipality. In addition to individual budgetary support, the Saint-Martin Social Service also offers other aids, including emergency relief, food parcels or vouchers, as well as various personalized aids that can cover areas such as food, health, housing, heating, school canteen, childcare, and transportation.

The Saint-Martin Social Service Welcomes You to Its Offices Schedule an appointment with an administrative agent to discuss various aspects: housing, social coverage, income, and over-indebtedness. The agent will assist in processing your application and provide social support to the beneficiary. You will receive advice and support for your family's projects.

Saint-Martin Social Service (97150) – CCAS Center and Social Assistance Region:
OVERSEAS (Overseas)
Saint-Martin Town Hall – Collectivity Hotel, Marigot – BP 374 – 97150 Saint-Martin
Phone: 05 90 87 50 04

Your municipal social worker is not the only one who can assist you. Various organizations like CCAS, CAF, the OVERSEAS departmental social service, or the departmental Solidarity institution can provide you with additional services. Don't hesitate to contact them as well!