A Fresh Start for Sandy Ground

Rédigé le 23/08/2023
Jujue LV

The heat of August came with new sunny promises during the Sandy Ground Festival on the 15th of last month. Louis Mussigton, President of the Territorial Collectivity of Saint Martin, deployed a range of invigorating measures aimed at revitalizing the neighborhood. Following the disturbances in July, local authorities reaffirmed their commitment, proclaiming that Sandy Ground is far from being left out of the ongoing public action plans.

Mussington shared a list of initiatives that would give any neighborhood a boost of energy

Solidarity and Family Center Moving In:
Much like the arrival of new neighbors, the Sandy Ground neighborhood is gearing up to welcome the Solidarity and Family Center, along with the Maternal and Child Protection services. In other words, a new home for social services that will help support families and youth.

A Facelift for the MJC:

The Youth and Cultural Center (MJC) is getting ready to put on its finest celebration attire. Renovation is in the pipeline to breathe new life into the multipurpose hall, offering new opportunities for cultural and community gatherings.

The Big Cleanup Operation:

Saying goodbye to old car wrecks! A major cleaning campaign is in the works to give the neighborhood a fresh look and get rid of the out-of-use vehicles that are scattered around.

New Aquatic Horizons:

The Alberic Richards Stadium is gearing up for new victories. It's about to undergo enhancements to provide residents with a quality playing field. And for those who prefer aquatic pleasures, a brand-new swimming pool will dive into the adventure.

Resurfacing Advisory:

Neighborhood Councils are making a strong comeback. It's the perfect opportunity for the community to have a voice, share ideas, and engage in constructive dialogue with decision-makers.

Street Mediators to Guide and Support the Youth:

Where the streets were once just pathways, they will soon be lined with real-life guides. Street mediators will be there to guide and support the youth, helping them find their way in this urban jungle.

In the face of the still-fresh memories of the turbulent events in July, Louis Mussigton emphasized the need to remain resilient. Sandy Ground remains a top priority. To ease tensions, a territorial police outpost will be established, supported by bilingual gendarmes. Additionally, three street mediators will work to build trust and guide direction-seeking youth.

The announcement of these projects received cheers, but undeniable challenges lie ahead. Prefect Vincent Berton stressed the importance of republican solidarity, while Deputy Frantz Gumbs advocated for the rehabilitation of sports and cultural facilities.

In a play of shadows and light, these measures unveiled at the Sandy Ground Festival chart a promising path for a neighborhood in need of renewal. With a dose of enthusiasm and a touch of good humor, it seems the sun is shining once again on this dynamic corner of Saint Martin.