Portrait : Gaëlle Thibaut

Rédigé le 14/05/2024
Bellamy Jake

We went to meet Gaëlle, a professional make-up artist newly settled in Saint Martin. After more than a decade working on the hit sitcom Scènes de Ménages, she's doing us the honor of embracing her new life on our rock. The first question that comes to mind: why Sxm as a new destination? But first, let's let her introduce herself.

“Gaëlle Thibault Alpha, professional make-up artist in show business. 17 years on TV sets, including 14 years with Kabo Productions on Scènes de ménage, Kaamelot and other shows as Head Make-up Artist.

Passionate about well-being, my professional career has guided me step by step towards Energetic Beauty and its transformations, both physical and subtle. I offer a range of facial and cranial massage protocols using techniques inspired by Kobido, acupuncture, Tsubos, Gua- Sha... All accompanied by the beauty and power of sound frequencies”.

Here's a singular profile that only Sxm could allow us to cross paths with, in complete relaxation. So what does she do, ensuring that Raymond, Huguette or José and his Lili are ready for the dreaded 'action'?


“I was born in Martinique, where I spent part of my childhood. As a teenager, when I had to return to France with my parents, I was very unhappy and told myself that one day I would go back to my island. My career choice meant that opportunities presented themselves more in France than elsewhere. So I worked for a long time in mainland France, and at some point I felt the need for a change of environment. My husband, also from Martinique, introduced me to Saint Martin and as soon as I set foot here I told him I'd love to live here because it felt like home. He replied that he didn't dare tell me, but that he would too! That was it, we were going to change our lives and move to Saint Martin.

This new page began to be written 1 year ago now. Then came the usual question. Where in Sxm does a renowned make-up artist and energy masseuse work?  

“As a professional make-up artist, I've had a fabulous experience that I've dreamed of since I was very young. But as I got older (I'll soon be 55), I felt a strong need for change, without having any specific ideas. So I started looking for non-invasive anti-aging techniques that were natural, gentle and original. Basically, it was a personal quest that I wanted to explore, apart from botox or hyaluronic acid injections.

During my research, I met Francine “Tequan”, who became my masseuse and introduced me to Kobido (ancestral Japanese facial massage). I observed immediate physical results and an undeniable change in my mental and emotional state. As a result, I decided to train in this massage on a personal basis.

As Dr Shogo Mochizuki (26th generation Kobido Master) was unavailable in France at the time, I was trained by one of his best students, Alain Barouillet, who also introduced me to Tsubos. I realized that by combining Tsubos and Kobido, I could achieve results beyond what I'd ever learned.

At this stage of my learning and knowledge, I was discovering a new field, energy massage, which I immediately wanted to try out. First on my silicone mannequin, which I'd brought to film sets to practice. Actors and other professionals were intrigued. About three weeks later, I had a series of appointments to get the hang of it and visualize the results. Following on from this, I wanted to perfect my skills and add a treatment using acupuncture. Pascale perli, one of the best acupuncturists in Paris, had launched an anti-aging treatment at the time and was my trainer. Not satisfied, I felt the need to go further with massage. Delphine LANGLOIS, then the resident beautician at the Georges V in Paris, started giving training courses, and here I was, discovering Guasha (a treatment method used in traditional Chinese medicine using semi-precious stones to heal, cleanse and stimulate...).

This thirst for learning also enabled me to study Sculptural Face Lfting (Yakov GERSHKOVICH's mouth massage technique) and sonotherapy.

Today, I'm still a professional make-up artist, but I also dispense natural anti-aging treatments. From now on, this is what I spend my days doing in Saint Martin”.

We congratulate Gaëlle on her training and quest for knowledge, and were able to try out a few of her treatments. Indeed, the results are both impressive and immediate. If we had to summarize your profile, how would you define yourself?

“The terms professional make-up artist & anti-aging facialist would be the ones that best define me. As a beauty and wellness professional specializing in anti-aging massage, using a palette of sophisticated techniques, I'm dedicated to transforming the story of your skin. Each of my massages is respectfully inspired by the ancestral Japanese KOBIDO treatment, as well as various Chinese medicine techniques, such as reflexology, digitopression, acupuncture...
I help my clients tackle the signs of time with new, gentle, non-invasive techniques, a genuine alternative to injections.
Like a natural facelift, these massages are based on a precise analysis of the skin, muscles and facial expressions. 100% made-to-measure!
The face is energized, muscles freed of tension, volumes redefined, skin toned and firmed, cheekbones plumped.

Each treatment is accompanied by one or more sound instruments, such as tuning forks or sacred Himalayan bowls... Bathing in sound invites our cells to a global harmonization and deep relaxation of the whole body. Each treatment ends with a cranial massage, which in turn helps to fluidify all energetic activity. The massage gives way to a more open, luminous face, freed from the signs of time, while inducing deep relaxation.

I've set up my own company, RÉSONANCE SXM, and I'm now ready to launch my business on a more widespread basis (Gaëlle already works from home until she's fully settled on the island - editor's note).

Treatments include: SKINTAÕ (Facial Tao), KALÀPÀ (Energetic Lifting), SHANTI (Semi-Precious Stone Care & Sound Healing).
Occasional sessions: for immediate radiance, to erase signs of stress and fatigue. A guaranteed release! In regular sessions: (depending on the massage, a protocol of 3 to 5 treatments, once a week), to slow down the signs of aging, regain a radiant complexion, smooth wrinkles, enhance cheekbones, plump up skin... And a heart full of joy!

Our body has a memory. It is the cradle of our soul, where our beauty is waiting to blossom. The protocols have a very specific purpose and function: they are designed to stimulate this memory. This memory of water, the vehicle of all life, which circulates in our body, cellular memory, in the depths of our being, our DNA.”

We were blown away by the results of her treatments. They are indeed immediate. We can imagine that regular sessions would bring even more benefits to our complexion and radiance .... We were also charmed by this singular personality whom we were lucky enough to meet. We can't recommend this newcomer enough: she really doesn't look her age! There's so much more to say about this wonderful encounter.

For more information or to book an appointment, please visit resonancesxm.com