#3 The lost animal

Rédigé le 11/06/2024
Jujue LV

Hitchhiking in Saint-Martin is always an adventure full of surprises! Today, I had a particularly unforgettable experience. As I gave a thumbs-up on the side of the road, an ordinary car pulled up alongside me. I quickly climbed aboard, ready for a new encounter.

The driver and her companion were a very nice couple, obviously used to life on the island. After the usual introductions, I noticed a cage in the back of the car. And guess what? Inside, there was a gorgeous, brightly-colored parrot.

Curious, I asked my new friends about the history of this beautiful bird. They told me that they had found it lost in their garden in Marigot a few days ago. The poor animal seemed to have lost its way. They had taken him in and were now looking for his owner, caring for him with great tenderness.

Along the way, they shared with me hilarious anecdotes about the bird's attempts to speak, repeating phrases it had probably heard from its previous owners. The parrot, whom they had nicknamed Coco, apparently had a particular talent for imitating human voices and would often say “Hello, how are you?” in a playful voice, as if greeting every person he saw. Coco once surprised a guest by asking “What are you doing here?” in a tone so authoritative it sounded like an angry landlord. He also liked to hum snatches of songs, mixing up the lyrics comically, which always provoked bursts of laughter. They told me how Coco had brought a new dynamic to their home, making them laugh out loud every day with his imitations and mimicry. Between laughter and touching stories, time flew by.

We stopped off at a market in Marigot, where they were hoping to get some information about the parrot's owner. I was impressed by their determination and benevolence. The market was bustling, and everyone had an opinion on the possible origin of the bird. Some thought it belonged to an old fisherman who lived near the beach, others thought it came from a luxurious villa higher up.

After a number of lively discussions, we set off again. The couple continued to share stories of their life on the island, of their other unexpected encounters with many of the animals they had helped over the years. It was clear that they had huge hearts and a passion for nature and its creatures.

When I arrived at my destination, I felt enriched by the encounter. The journey reminded me that adventure and kindness can manifest themselves in the most unpredictable ways. Behind every detour, there are stories of generosity and compassion.

So, dear readers, remember that adventure is found not only in great discoveries, but also in small gestures and unexpected encounters. In Saint-Martin, every hitchhike can reveal hidden treasures and priceless life lessons.

See you soon for new adventures in the Hitchhiker's Kronicle.