#2 An unexpected trip

Rédigé le 26/03/2024
Jujue LV

Ah, hitchhiking in Saint Martin! It's always an adventure! And today, let me tell you the story of a memorable getaway. As I scanned the horizon for my next lift, a car, straight out of a post-apocalyptic movie, slowed to a halt. With its scratched bodywork, a garden chair as a passenger seat, and the right-hand front door stubbornly refusing to open from the inside, I have to admit that I'm a little freaked out at first ... Welcome to the unique charm of the Saint-Martin car scene!

The driver, a young cook with an improbable look, had just arrived on the island, and his eccentricity was as marked as his car. His face radiated a curiosity and vivacity typical of the world's adventurers. It was palpable that this young man had tales to tell, stories to share.

Along the way, he took me on an epic journey through Asia and Latin America, traveling the most remote roads with his backpack and sneakers. He evoked with passion the exotic markets of Bangkok, Bali and the Ver-o-Peso of Belém. Beneath his spellbinding narrative, I could almost smell the intoxicating perfumes of the stalls in Osaka or Bogota, where street food tickles the senses with exotic, unsuspected flavors.

In a small, carefully kept notebook, he recorded all the recipes he'd learned on his travels, each page imbued with memories, well-kept culinary secrets and memorable encounters that had shaped his mind and nourished his soul. With each anecdote, it became clear that his journey was not simply a quest for food; it was a search for connection, an exploration of the very essence of each place he visited.

As we climbed a particularly steep hill, the car coughed and struggled to make headway. But with a little momentum and a lot of determination, we finally reached the top, laughing heartily at this mechanical ordeal. Behind every journey lie unsuspected treasures.

Dear readers, remember: adventure doesn't always lie in gleaming cars, but sometimes in the most unlikely vehicles, driven by souls as rich as their destinations. This experience reminded me of an invaluable lesson: never judge a book by its cover, because despite the modest appearance of his somewhat confusing car, this young cook was the very embodiment of the richness of human experience.

This is not a call to abandon all common sense, but simply a reminder to keep an open mind. True wealth is not measured in material goods, but in memories, encounters and shared moments.

See you soon for a new adventure in the Hitchhiker's Kronicle!