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Rédigé le 26/02/2024
Jujue LV

Friday night was the night not to be missed: La Piscine by François Castelain brilliantly lit up the Saint-Martin stage! A dazzling fusion of arts and cultures reigned supreme, with original compositions, covers of cult songs, mesmerizing dances, exquisite cocktails, captivating video projections, a breathtaking photo exhibition, all accompanied by culinary delights concocted by talented chef Olivier du Mets Tissés.

Under the enchanting theme of "Nature Boy", inspired by Eden Ahbez's famous 1947 jazz standard, the event transported us into a world of reverie, poetry and utopia. It celebrated diversity, sensitivity and the beauty of difference, through an unforgettable sensory experience.

Even before the show began, our taste buds were in raptures thanks to the delicacies prepared by Chef Olivier: Veggie Quinoa, Smoked Salmon Wraps with a smooth cream, delicious Wahoo or Tuna Ceviche, and of course, the must-have marinated chicken wings, not forgetting the crispy plantain, a true exotic delight.

The show opened with a projection of François' latest photographic works, accompanied by a poem recited by Emilien Nodinot, transporting the audience to the heart of the islands and the lives of his models, imbued with striking beauty and skin-deep sensitivity. Through his "Soldier of Love" project, François Castelain aspires to use art as a vehicle for positive change in the world, a mission that resonates deeply with the magic of this event.

The women truly lit up the La Piscine stage with their dazzling presence and captivating performances. Tanya Michelle charmed the audience with her warm voice and vibrant interpretation, while Betti V captivated the audience with her unique style and magnetic stage presence, accompanied by Tyreke Arrindell in a spellbinding dance. As for Caroline A Rivas, her versatile talent on piano and accordion added a magical dimension to the evening, taking the audience on an unforgettable musical journey. And let's not forget the superb dancer Miss Bee Ada. Their performance was a celebration of female creativity and the power of artistic expression.

According to François, Saint-Martin abounds in unsuspected artistic and creative potential, and it is this conviction that drives him to organize such evenings, highlighting values such as respect, diversity and the beauty of difference.

This evening of creativity and passion was a true celebration of life, art and diversity, transporting us into a world of dreams and emotions. A huge bravo to the whole team!

Photo credit: Alexandra Schaede