Santa's Kronicle

Rédigé le 26/12/2023
Jujue LV

Let's plunge together into a whirlwind of joy and magic. Santa Claus is ready to share the magical moments that mark this very special time of year. From little elves to sparkling reindeer, not forgetting the invaluable support of Mother Christmas, discover the enchanted backstage world of this season full of laughter and dreams.


Hello everyone, dear friends of the magic of Christmas,

Wrapped in the soft glow of tinsel and lulled by the chirping of bells, I, Santa Claus, come to share with you the happiness that warms my heart at this very special time in the heart of our fairytale village. All year long, we've been preparing, dreaming and enchanting our days to make this special night as magical as possible.

Preparing for this magical night is my daily joy. Imagining the children's laughter, choosing the perfect gifts, feeling the excitement rise as December approaches... it's as if each day were a window in the Advent calendar, revealing a unique surprise.

Seeing the little elves busy themselves with such joy and dedication is the greatest reward for me. They worked wonders with the gifts, adding their creativity, enthusiasm and a personal touch to each package. Each of them is a Christmas star, bright and unique, ready to light up the faces of children all over the world. Their laughter echoes through the workshop like an enchanted melody, and I can't help but smile as I watch them work with such love.

And let's talk about our reindeer! How proud I am to see these majestic creatures training tirelessly, along with our sparkling newcomer, Snowfly. He has proven himself with his boundless energy and irresistible desire to take part in this celestial adventure. My reindeer, Tempête, Toner and all the others make a formidable team, and their grace lights up the Christmas sky!

Mother Christmas, my rock, my North Star, is the benevolent soul who lovingly guides our workshop throughout the year. Her presence warms our hectic days, and her gentle, thoughtful gestures add a touch of magic to every moment. The candy canes she distributes at the end of the day are like shards of sweet happiness, symbolizing her generosity and shared love. Mother Christmas is much more than a companion, she's the sweet melody that makes our season even brighter.

Christmas Eve, as always, was a symphony of magic. All the gifts were delivered on time, every fireplace welcomed the magic of Christmas, and the stars watched over every one of your dreams. It's an exhilarating moment, a ballet of happiness that warms the heart and lights up the soul.

Now it's time for a well-earned rest. Until the first of January, I'll be taking it easy, admiring the stars and remembering every smile I've been privileged to conjure up. Then it's off to the start of a new adventure, the preparation of next year's festivities. Because the magic of Christmas never stops, it's renewed with every burst of laughter and every star that shines in your eyes.

Thank you all, dear friends of magic, for an exceptional year. May your days be filled with dreams, happiness and the love that makes Christmas shine.

Happy holidays and see you soon!

Santa Claus 🎅🌟