Snowfly the reindeer's Kronicle

Rédigé le 20/12/2023
Jujue LV

Dive into the magical world and starry adventures of the newest addition to the Christmas Village: Snowfly, the brand-new official reindeer of Santa's sleigh. 


Hello, elves and shooting stars!
I'm Snowfly, the newest member of Santa's super-special sleigh team, and it's Fabulous!!!!

I took a course at Santa's reindeer school. Yes, yes, there's a special school, with super-wise reindeer teachers who teach you how to fly in style. You learn great tricks, like avoiding turbulent snowflakes and negotiating turns with grace.

Studying wasn't always easy. Sometimes we'd get confused by the wooden sleds and the exercise presents, but with a little perseverance and a lot of laughter, we'd get the hang of it. My teacher, Monsieur Galopin, was a super-experienced old reindeer. He would tell us stories of his younger days, when he flew with Santa Claus himself. It was like diving into a storybook at every lesson.

Now that I'm the official reindeer of the Christmas team, every night is like a show in the starry sky. We get ready with aerobatic exercises, sprints in the clouds, and even sled races between colleagues. It's like a great game of hide-and-seek with the clouds, but you have to be extra careful not to bump into the stars. Rudolf, with his nose that flashes like the tinsel on the Christmas tree, teaches me all the little tricks of the trade. He says that self-confidence is like a gift you give yourself. I try to remember this, even if I do involuntary loops. The other reindeer aren't very talkative, but they're real pros. Tempête is incredibly graceful and Tonner has a charm all of his own. It's like a star dance lesson every night!

Santa is the conductor of our joyous celestial symphony. He's so cool, he never gets angry, and even when my clogs get tangled up like tinsel, he doesn't frown - on the contrary. He reassures me that making mistakes is like decorating the sky with shooting stars. As for Mother Christmas, she's like a sweet fairy descended from heaven. At the end of each training session, she spoils us with candy canes of her own special flavor. But, between you and me, the best part is when she discreetly slips a little chocolate in my direction. It's our little secret that makes every moment even more delicious.

So, my dear friends, here you are, a little closer to my sparkling life in the enchanted Christmas sky. Every workout, every burst of laughter, and even every little stumble are like sparks lighting up this extraordinary adventure. Soon, we'll all be flying away together, guided by Santa's benevolent magic. It's as if heaven itself is preparing to open its doors for the most magical night of the year. Christmas is fast approaching, and I can't wait to experience this magical night. May every star you gaze upon be a wish for happiness, and may the magic of Christmas envelop you in its sweet enchantment.

Happy clogs and twinkling stars,

Your Snowfly Devotee 🦌