Fripouille's Kronicle

Rédigé le 15/12/2023
Jujue LV

Phew, it's a blast at the Christmas Village! 
OMG! (Oh, my grelots!)
Today in Christmas Kronicles, the little elf Fripouille shares with us a bit of Christmas magic straight from the legendary Christmas Village...

The elves hurry to finish the last gifts, the reindeer groom their coats, and Santa checks his list of good children, while Mrs. Claus checks her costume to make sure everything is ready for D-day, or rather N-night!

It seems to me that every falling snowflake is like a wave of a magic wand that transforms everything into a wonderland. Our wonderful Christmas Village in December is a place where snow sparkles like billions of diamonds in the night sky.

It's like stepping into a storybook, with gingerbread cottages that seem to have sprung straight from a goblin's imagination. The lights flicker, and it smells like cinnamon. The lights dance in all directions, and even the stars seem to shine a little brighter!

The toy factory is the beating heart of the Village at this time of year. The shelves are overflowing with gifts just waiting to be wrapped in shimmering paper. The elves work like bees in a hive, sculpting, assembling and wrapping. It's hard work, but it's the kind of work we love to do, where every smile counts more than anything else.

Elves are known to be great pranksters, and the workshop is the scene of many a joke. One day, the reindeer's usual carrots were replaced by chocolate carrots. You should have seen Tempête's puzzled face! He took a bite, made a face, then looked at us with eyes as round as baubles. Mission accomplished! Then there was the time when an elf confused sugar and salt while preparing the cookies. Mrs. Claus made a funny face and we all laughed so hard we were rolling on the floor, even Santa was holding his ribs! 

But sometimes pranks don't go exactly to plan. Like the year we tried to fly Christmas cookies with mini-propellers. The result? A catastrophic landing in a pile of wooden toys. Santa thought it was hilarious, but we had to clean up the mess, and that, believe me, is anything but magical.

Despite the little twists and turns, the atmosphere here is incredibly cheerful. We sing Christmas carols at the top of our lungs, warm up with hot chocolate, and share stories around the fireplace after a hard day's work. The Village is filled with a magical energy that makes the eyes of young and old shine.

But beyond all that, it's the anticipation that makes each day unique. Each tick of the clock brings us closer to the long-awaited moment, when all these gifts and preparations will come to life in the amazed eyes of children the world over. I can't wait for that day, when Santa takes off in his dream-filled sleigh, letting out his "Ho! Ho! Ho!" to kick off the most magical night of the year. It's worth all the jokes in the world to know that our work brings smiles to the faces of young and old alike.

We're almost there, and I have a feeling that this year's Christmas will be more sparkling than ever!

Fripouille, the mischievous elf 😉 ☃️